Household Hint of the Day: September 12th 2009

(8) = shoe polish

(8) = shoe polish

Use banana peals as natural, organic shoe polish.

Bananas have oils and potassium in them that are similar to the makeup of shoe polish.

Eat the banana, but leave its skin for the shoe polishing.

Take the skin and rub it on your shoes the way you would shoe polish.

Once the shoes are nice and shiny, immediately take a cloth and buff the shoes to get all the extra oil and banana deliciousness off (failure to do this, in any proximity to the Lincoln Park Zoo, will result in banana-fueled Benny Hill-styled chase scenes involving you, hungry primates of varying species, and marginal hilarity).

It’s quick, easy, natural, delicious, and works just as good as buying chemicals. Feel good for going organic. Look fabulous in your super shiny pimped out shoes!



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