Household Hint of the Day: September 23rd 2009


How much do you know about eggs (or Vincent Price)?

How much do you know about eggs (or Vincent Price)?

Have you realized how complicated buying eggs has become these days, with all the  new terms and organic options and the whatnot?  Well, the Chicago Tribune did (thank God!) and came up with a great article all about eggs.  More than you ever wanted or needed to know about eggs, in fact. It’s a darnright eggstravaganza over there. 

Personally, the only eggs we’re major fans of are in the Faberge variety…but we are fond of the little guys when they’re cracked and swirled into batter and baked into lovely cakes. Eggs Benedict is also a favorite, if you hold the eggs and make it just a “Benedict”, because who doesn’t love Canadian bacon (even when they think it’s just ham with a passport and obsession with maple syrup and Mounties).  

See how much you know about eggs, and whether or not you can ID all these terms below (answers at the Chicago Tribune link):

Natural = 

Free Range = 

Pasteurized = 

Pasture Raised = 

Fertile = 

Food Alliance Certified = 

Animal Welfare Approved = 

American Humane Certified = 

United Egg Producers Certified = 

Certified Human Raised and Handled = 

USDA Organic = 

How well did you do on the little quiz?  Frankly, we’re egg-sasperated since we didn’t get many of these right and realize how much more we need to learn about all things organic and trendy in the food aisles.  So, we’re going to keep researching and learning and sharing everything with you here.



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    thanks for the great quality of your blog, each time i come here, i’m amazed.

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